India Christian Mission Church

Founded 1897

Sewing School

The Diocese has been empowering the youth and women. Traditional trade training programmes are being conducted.

Mrs. Annamma,  head teacher of Ampalavanar Memorial Tailoring and Embroidery School runs classes at Eluru on regular basis for women. Awareness programmes for eradication of illiteracy and child labour are being conducted regularly throughout the diocese.

We are badly in need of a four wheeler (car or jeep) for the transportation of Social workers and animators to go around the rural habitations as there are no proper transportation facilities.

Diocesan Social Worker :

The Revd.G.Ratnakara Rao, BA.,C.Th.,
                            KOMATILANKA, Via ATAPAKA,
                            Kaikalur-521 333, Krishna Dt.,AP, India

                            Cell Phone : 09391295705

Poverty Alleviation - Fishing Boat Project

The ICM has launched a project at Komati Lanka Lakes to provide 15 fisherman and their families with a boat and nets. This enable them to reap the reward of their fishing without having to pay rent for boats. The families will be uplifted and children better fed and educated.

To date, USD2300 has been raised form Canada for this project. If more funds are available, we will assist more families witht he boats.

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