India Christian Mission Church

Founded 1897

Prayer Requests

Please submit prayer request here if you do not mind asking any brother or sister to pray for you. If you wish private prayer, please email or call: [email protected] Tel: 91 8812 242779

friend in great need

over a year ago by tina Pray for me
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for my friend. He is in a lot of trouble, and he needs a lot of prayer?.He needs a miracle. Please, pray for a miracle for him. Please pray that he fall in love with Jesus, please pray that the Lord and the courts might have mercy on him, and pray for the healing and comfort from the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for your prayers, I will be forever indebted to you for your time to lift up the cries of my heart to the Lord.

Mission trip

over a year ago by Horacio Pray for me
I am an African minister in Brazil now; last year I have finished my studies in Theology. Next July intend to go back home for starting an Evangelistic, training and church planting program. Please pray for financial provision, wisdom and for my family.

urgent prayer request

over a year ago by joel a. Pray for me
Please pray for me that all negative and evil influences and negative spells, binding spells, jinxes, reverse spells, bad luck, hexes, curses, incantations, voodoo casted against me by other people will removed permanently and I will forever be free of all such aforementioned elements and influences.


over a year ago by Swapnil Nair Pray for me
My name is Swapnil Asokan Nair. i have lost my father in accident, i want to prayer for his soul, May his soul receive forgiveness and peace from Lord Jesus. I want to take all my responsibility and stand on my feet as successful man. I want to pray for myself ; My Lord, I confess, I am sinner. I need your forgiveness. I want to change myself, I want to change my life. Lord Jesus cover me with your precious blood and fill me with you Holy Spirit. My Lord show your miracle in my life on this Easter. You have died for my sins. If YOU love me and forgive me, My Lord please come into my life and clean me, change me, heal me, strengthen my faith in You. Save me from my sin, error, and wrong things things i have done. My Lord You said what you will ask to my Father in My Name it will be done, so I ask this Prayer in Name of Jesus Christ....Amen

getting ajob

over a year ago by John Alex Pray for me
getting a job,progress for my family